PASSEPARTOUT / Yogurt Magazine Prize 2022 Winner Interview 1 Why do you choose photography as the medium? I chose photography because I felt I could fulfill my curiosity through connecting and sharing with others. Discovering the world and different cultures has always been a calling for me. I was immediately drawn to darkrooms and began seeking the stories I would have wanted to live because photography has always been the catalyst for me to be able to live the thousand lives I longed for. 2 What is your background? and how does it affect your work? As a young girl …

“Calm” EUQINOM GALLERY, San Francisco

Calm November 11, 2020 – January 30, 2021 Scott B. Davis. Christine Elfman, Julia Goodman, Mona Kuhn, Michael Light, Michael Lundgren, Klea McKenna, Ansley West Rivers, Christina Seely, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Giorgia Valli www.euqinomgallery.com

ONE SONG is the new Limited Artist Books

Made with precious support of CHIPPENDALE STUDIO, Milan PREVIEW at The ART Chapter Milan, 15-17 Novembre 2019 ONE SONG, based on UNIVERSO reaserch 30 Limited Edition, Self-published SoftcoverEach covers is handmade with sticky eyes and it’s uniqueJapanese binding23 x 28 cm (9 x 11”)72 pages Printing on Tatami paper 150 gram One songis the first of a series of artist books self-published by Giorgia Valli. This volume present the research that took place between 2013 and 2019. It is not a catalogue. The book designed by Giorgia Valli, with the precious support of Luca Panaro, sways among the imaginary galaxies of …

Exhibition at the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, Arizona

June 8, 2018 to January 11, 2019 Inspired by the Center’s legacy, the Heritage Gallery features iconic treasures from the collection alongside more recent acquisitions. The story of the Center is told through pairings and groupings of images that explore the relationships between contemporary practice and the photographic foundations that inspired them. The gallery will be rotated twice a year, offering visitors a chance to make new discoveries, sparking inquiry and dialogue.  The first iteration of the Heritage Gallery features work by Ansel Adams, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Arnold Newman, Edward Weston and Giorgia Valli. See the article here Courtesy of …


So grateful for this exhibition at PHOTO L.A. Collectors Group Mary & Dan Solomon’s collection AVES MEI Exhibition, photographs with the original audio

Photograph Magazine – PORTFOLIO

Go to the article Written by Jean Dykstra, November 2, 215 – PHOTOGRAPH MAGAZINE NYC Giorgia Valli hates zoos. When she was a child, it made her cry to see caged animals. And yet, she has produced a hauntingly beautiful series of photographs taken entirely in the Bronx Zoo’s World of Birds. Titled Aves Mei, the series is on view at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles through December 19 and will be published in book form in November by Nazraeli/Solomon. The Italian photographer, who lives in Bergamo, Italy, had been working in New York City for six months in 2013, …



Galleria CERIBELLI, Italy

Galleria CERIBELLI Via San Tomaso 86 Bergamo, Italy Alice Giacometti and Adele Cerebelli present PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION GROUP 9th of MAY to 14th of JUNE 2015 Vernissage 9th of May at 18:00

Fotografi da scoprire insieme a MIA Milan Image Art Fair – Il Sole 24 ORE

Quotazioni Fotografi da scoprire insieme a MIA Milan Image Art Fair, Arte Contemporanea, Gallerie, Aste, ArtEconomy 24 “… e la giovane Giorgia Valli, menzione speciale, con una serie sulla memoria del passato dedicato al Grand Hotel delle Terme di San Pellegrino (price range da 600 a 1.500 €, ndr). La stessa artista ha anche presentato delle fotografie scattate allo zoo del Bronx che vogliono richiamare, con una nota autobiografica, le case in cui ha vissuto, alcune intese come gabbie, altre come spazi aperti vitali ed uno dedicato al suo personale universo creato con molta fantasia in un bagno di casa. …” …