ONE SONG is the new Limited Artist Books

ONE SONG is the new Limited Artist Books

Made with precious support of CHIPPENDALE STUDIO, Milan

PREVIEW at The ART Chapter Milan, 15-17 Novembre 2019

ONE SONG, based on UNIVERSO reaserch

30 Limited Edition, Self-published

Each covers is handmade with sticky eyes and it’s unique
Japanese binding
23 x 28 cm (9 x 11”)
72 pages 
Printing on Tatami paper 150 gram

One songis the first of a series of artist books self-published by Giorgia Valli. This volume present the research that took place between 2013 and 2019. It is not a catalogue. The book designed by Giorgia Valli, with the precious support of Luca Panaro, sways among the imaginary galaxies of unconscious universes, a syllabic song encrypted by the author turns into symbols – constellations, musical scores translate into Braille code and sessions of sensory portraits, to lose the eyes!

It is an adventure in the universe within. All the cosmic mappings are handmade in the darkroom with water, earth, air and light. Every photo is unique and made on a gelatin silver paper. 

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